Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James

Okay…. So, the Golden State Warriors are up 3-0 on the Cleveland Cavaliers with Friday night potentially being the last game of the season.

A few factors have gotten us to this point:

  1. The Cavs supporting cast has been non-existent (besides Kyrie)
  2. Steph Curry is redeeming himself for last year’s Finals.
  3. Draymond Green is keeping his emotions in check.
  4. Kevin Durant is emerging as the best player in the world. 

About a week ago, I wrote that this has been the most hyped up Finals series in recent memory, possibly NBA history.So far, it hasn’t lived up to the hype because the Warriors just seem far more superior to Cavs.

One thing that has lived up to the hype is the matchup between Kevin Durant and LeBron James.

Durant seems like he is on a mission to secure his first NBA Finals victory. While, LeBron is doing everything in his power to keep the Cavs in this series.

Last night, each player had their moments of greatness.

In the first half, LeBron asserted his dominance and came down the lane to dunk all over Durant.

In the final moments of the fourth quarter, Kevin Durant pulled up in transition over James and nails the ice cold 3-pointer to put the Warriors ahead.

Each play was amazing, but the timing was far more important. KD showed up in the fourth quarter and scored 14 points in the final 12 minutes. The Warriors showed they were the best team in the league when they went on an 11-0 run to eventually win the game.

Critics are saying LeBron is tired. I would be too if I had to single handedly beat the best team in basketball. I’m not saying LeBron is out of his prime or that he is not the greatest anymore because he is still averaging a triple-double in the NBA Finals against one of the best teams ever.

What I do believe is that we are watching the second best player in the world finally earn his stripes on the biggest stage. He is attacking the rim, scoring in the post, and deadly from the perimeter. Along with that, he’s guarded all five positions at one point or another in this series.

This matchup is truly a gift to the basketball world. In Game 4, I expect nothing but the best from each player in a do-or- die situation.

Get ready. This is going to be good.


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