Cavs, Warriors, and The Hype of The 2017 NBA Finals

Roughly a year ago, we watched one of the best NBA Finals comebacks as LeBron and the Cavaliers pulled off the impossible to bring the title back to Cleveland.

From the moment Kyrie hit the contested dagger in Game 7, the Warriors have been plotting their revenge. Also, ever since that game we have even expected it as a fan base to happen again.

Sure enough, the basketball world has gotten what they wanted.

We got a taste of the Finals rematch on Christmas Day and that game ended in controversy when Richard Jefferson “tripped” KD on the final possession. Cleveland won again.

Cavs-Warriors on Christmas Day was wild.

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Now, this is the first time where the NBAĀ have seen the same matchup for three consecutive years. The Warriors won in 2015, the Cavs stole the title back in 2016, and now we have our rubber match.

This is just one of the reason why this NBA Finals has become more than just a basketball game. The hype has elevated it to be one of the greatest matchups in NBA history and EVERYONE should be excited.

Since last season, each team has gotten more talented through offseason moves and midseason trades.

The Warriors added David West, Javale MaGee, and most importantly, the second best player in the world, Kevin Durant.


Their Eastern Conference rival added veteran point guard in Deron Williams and sharpshooter Kyle Korver.

This Finals has 11 players that have played in at least one All-Star game. That is the most since 1983. That should excite viewers.

The stars will be out.

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At every position, you have a marquee matchup. Curry/Irving, Draymond/Kevin Love, and then the one everyone’s eyes will be on:

Kevin Durant vs. Lebron James. Will KD best Lebron for the first time on the biggest stage?

Both these teams skated through their respective conferences keeping a watchful eye on what each other were doing. They respect each other, but at the same time….

They hate each other.Ā 

Some say it is bad for basketball, but when have you seen people more excited than they are now for the NBA Finals?

With about less than 24 hours away from Game 1, get ready to watch the best in basketball and the second coming of a rivalry like the Celtics-Lakers of the 80s.

If you’re not excited yet for this series, just watch Stephen A. Smith give his Final Take on the upcoming NBA Finals:


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