Ray Allen: A Shooter’s Work Ethic

Have you ever scrolled aimlessly through Facebook videos and just found yourself deep into something that you never expected?

The other night I was a victim of this and I wasn’t mad at all. I had stumbled upon the video below of Ray Allen and his work ethic:

This reenergized my love for the NBA’s greatest shooter.

I was immediately taken back to the moments in his Celtics career and his time apart of the Big 3. Im sure if you looked “clutch” up in a basketball dictionary, you’d see Ray Allen’s name somewhere in the synonyms column.

The 2009 playoffs is just an example of Jesus Shuttlesworth at his best. He kept the Celtics alive when they barely had a pulse in the Chicago Bulls series. His 51-point performance and the three that forced triple-overtime, was one of his best.

Then, the moment in the NBA Finals vs the Lakers when he boasted 8 threes in one quarter was another anecdote that puts Allen in the category of the best to shoot the rock.

In 2011, he solidified himself as the Three Point King when he dethroned Reggie Miller for the most 3-point field goals in a career.

Once his reign ended in Boston, he moved on to Miami where he continued his clutchness.

In Game 6 of the NBA Finals vs the Spurs, he knocked down the game-winning three. He was off-balance, rushed, and heavily guarded. In actuality, he was calm, relaxed, and prepared. In the video above, Allen was quoted by saying, “I wish people asked, ‘How did you prepare?’ not ‘What were you thinking during the shot during Game 6?'”


Allen is the one in the gym nightly and his pregame routine begins hours before tip-off.

“Obsessive is what makes great, great,” Allen said, “Obsessive is how I built who I am.”

Obsessive is what will put Ray Allen in the Hall of Fame.


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  1. When I think about the greatest NBA sharpshooters of all time, Ray Allen is one of those players that comes to mind. Especially in Game 6 in the 2013 NBA finals, Ray AllenŹ»s 3- pointer to force Game 7 without a doubt has got to be the clutchest shot in NBA history.


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