Paul Pierce: Evaluating The Truth


Paul Pierce lined up a top of the key jump shot in the TD Garden as time expired. And the roof almost popped off the Garden. We’ve seen Pierce do this countless times as a Celtic in big games. When he did it for his final time, he was a Clipper.

Since leaving the team in 2013, he has been a Net, Wizard, and now a Clipper. Even though he is not on the Boston Celtics, he will be a Celtic for life and that is a fact.

He could have left when they were bad, but he didn’t. He was loyal, he worked hard, he was determined, and professional. He embodied Boston.url
I believe that is the definition of a Hall of Famer. Besides the ability of the player, they have to have something extra.

Pierce provided Boston fans and basketball fans around the world with so much heart that it was impossible to not appreciate. Forget the records Pierce holds in Boston. His passion was so remarkable.

The championship in 2o07 with the Big 3 solidified Pierce’s place as basketball legend. His contribution to the game is exactly how a professional should act.

Now that he is retiring after this season, Pierce said he doesn’t want a retirement party that last a year long, like Kobe, but when he left the parquet floor for the final time he deserved the standing ovation.

It was a city’s thank you for all their years together. The tribute was something that gave collective chills to Boston and that is because Pierce is such a special player.

There is no doubt that Pierce is a Hall of Famer. When he does get into the Hall, he will enter a Celtic.


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  1. Your blog is very interesting. Even though I grew up as a Laker and a Kobe Bryant fan (and hated the Celtics), Paul Pierce “The Truth” deserves so much respect for his legendary NBA career


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