Derrick Rose: What Could Have Been?

First season: Rookie of the Year

Second season: 1st All Star selection

Third season: Captures MVP at the age of 22

This was the beginning of Derrick Rose’s career in Chicago. Based on these achievements, he was on pace to be one of the best point guards ever. Rose had the basketball world salivating from his startling athleticism. He was an irresistible talent in the open court.

The narrative could not have been better for Rose too. He as a star at the Chicago powerhouse, Simeon High School, who was on the fringe of being the heir to Chicago basketball throne post-Jordan. So, what happened to Rose?

This did:


In 2012, Rose came down awkwardly off a contested layup versus Philadelphia and that was the beginning of the end. He had torn his ACL Ā in 2012 and missed all but 10 games of the 2013 season.

Players sometimes come back stronger and re-energized after an injury like an ACL tear. It isn’t a death sentence. We’ve seen it done, like Jamal Crawford and David West.Ā 

Everyone was expecting to see the same Rose with the tomahawk dunks and the elusive quickness when he returned in 2014. Then things got worse with a torn MCL 57 games into the season.

At this point, Bulls fans everywhere had trust issues with Rose’s knees and were 542849090nervous for the future. There really wasn’t one.

Chicago broke up with Rose when he was traded to New York for a new start this past summer. It is not like these injuries have driven him out of the league, but he is nowhere near where he could have been.There is no doubt in my mind that a healthy D-Rose could be on the tails of that triple double freak in OKC or the Beard in Houston.

Rose has the phrase “What if..” dragging behind him for the rest of his career.

What if he never got hurt?

It is so sad to see that the Rose has been wilted into a delicate flower because he was just about to bloom into something special, but the basketball world will never know.

This is how we all feel, Derrick.







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  1. Great Post. I think the greatest mysteries that the NBA will ever have is what Derrick Rose could have accomplished if he didnŹ»t get injured. He probably couldŹ»ve have been in the top 20s list of greatest players of all time


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