What did Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game look like?

I have been a basketball fan my entire life and I have the honor to experience some of the greatest scoring performances in the game. I watched Kobe’s 81 against Toronto and that was memorizing. Then, as a Celtics fan, I have seen Lebron score in the 50s several times. And even today, I have seen Isaiah Thomas do ridiculous things with the basketball on his way to a career-high 52 points.

Now we’ve all heard about the legend of Wilt Chamberlain. He was the dominant big man in the 60’s. He entered the Hall of Fame in 1972 without any hesitation. Chamberlain has given the game of basketball so many jaw-dropping, video game-esque performances that he almost seems like a mythical player.

The one that stands alone and probably has its own separate place in Springfield, is the 100-point explosion he had on March 2, 1962. Kobe Bryant is thmaxresdefaulte only person to come close to that mark and he was still 19 points off. Bryant called the feat “unthinkable” and “exhausting to just think about.”

Chamberlain’s nickname was Wilt the Stilt and that this because he was leaps and bounds above his competition, standing at 7’1″, but also averaging 30 points and 20 rebounds over his career.

Wilt will go down as one of the best to score the rock and here is what it looked like:



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  1. Even though the NBA rules back then is different from how it is now, I think that WiltŹ»s 100 point game is underrated because itŹ»s just impossible. But Wilt lest us know that nothing is impossible


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