2017 Hall of Fame nominees: Tracy McGrady

As a basketball junkie, you hold on to every story that has transpired on the hardwood. They are collected into a bank of basketball memories. When a player is brought up, the usual phrase is always uttered:

“Remember when..”

The players that have the most amount of “Remember when” stories are the ones that build a resume for the Hall of Fame. The 2017 nominees for induction all have a moment that stands out. Chris Webber revolutionized college basketball with the Fab Five, Muggsy Bogues was a dominant little guy, Ben Wallace captured a title with the Pistons, and Toni Kukoc was apart supporting cast of the 72-win Bulls.

Tracy McGrady headlines this group and he sits at the top of highlight plays.

T-Mac was one of those players that we have never seen before. He was 6’8″ scoring machine with dazzling athleticism.

In his prime, he was not far behind Kobe for best player in the league. His career started in Toronto and exploded in Houston, with current Hall of Famer, Yao Ming. They brought them to the top of the Western Conference year after year.

Houston Rockets v Golden State WarriorsIn Houston, he put together one of the longest win streaks in NBA history, 22 games.

This was when the West was at its strongest. Where Kobe, Dirk, Timmy D, and T-Mac were giving each other BATTLES.

T-Mac traded 50 point games with Dirk and Kobe on several occasions. The only thing that is holding T-Mac back from the Hall of Fame is the lack of success in the postseason, but that is because the West was an absolute juggernaut of talent.

As his career slowed down because injuries, T-Mac is remembered for making a regular season game look like a dunk contest and lighting it
up from all over the court.

And believe me, anyone who has scored 13 points in 33 seconds should be ushered in the Hall with open arms.


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  1. We can definitely say that Tracy McGrady’s career is storied. Two scoring titles, a most improved player, and a seven time all-star is quite a resume. But , like you said, the postseason just seemed to be T-Mac’s kryptonite. With considering the following factors, and so many more, I’ll take your side. Bring T-Mac and Yao duo back together in the Hall.

    Well written, enjoyed your take.

    Who will be joining Tracy in basketball immortality?


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